Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Linking to challenges and other sites

Hi Peeps

Its been noted within a few Challenge Blogs that a few peeps are having probs with linking to the correct web page showing their entry and also adding a link to their posts, so I've knocked up this quick tutorial to help.

Its such a shame when your work is disqualified because of an incorrect link and as DTM's will all tell you sometimes we dont have the time to nip back and keep checking you have corrected the links, after we have left a kind word pointing it out and I would hate for peeps not to get a helping hand when they may not even realise they have to do it to be a qualifying here goes I hope you find it useful.

To link your correct page to a challenge linky

Open your blog as normal and click on the post title you have posted your entry in

Once it has re-opened you will notice the 'address' in the top bar has changed and now includes your post title
 .......this is the address you use to link in a challenge, when you add this to the challenge blog linky it will direct the DT directly to your actual entry and not your whole blog

To add a link in your post to a challenge blog (or any other info you wish to share)

When entering a challenge or sharing info on your blog you can either cut and paste the 'address' into your post as you are writing it or you can use the link tool

Open the challenge blog or web page you wish to link to and simply copy and paste into your post

It will look like this and will take you to the challenge blog when clicked

Or you can use the link tool to alter the text shown like this HAPPY CAMPERS just paste the copied address into the 'web address' box and type your text in to the 'text to display' box

It will still take you to the Challenge blog when clicked

You can use either of these methods to share info or post links etc

I really hope this has helped some of you and good luck with challenges xx

Keep your eyes open for further demos and tips in the future

Have a Ab Fabby Christmas and a very Crafty New year

Best wishes and Crafty Hugs

Kath and the Girls at Happy Campers xx


  1. Great idea! I had no idea how to do this when I first started entering challenges.

  2. I hope I remember this post when I need to :)

  3. Can I ask a question please, how do you copy a blinkie to your blog. I add it as a picture and that is obviously wrong as it doesn't blink!

  4. Hi Anne
    Blinkys tend to have a html code to copy and paste into 'add a gadget' then ' add html'

    You could try the 'add a picture' then paste the web page addy into the 'link box' and then right click the blinky and choose copy location, but this can be a bit hit and miss x
    Hope that helps if your still stuck message me on Facebook n ill try and sort it for you
    Kath xx


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