Thursday, 8 November 2012

Tin Foil Backgrounds

Hi Peeps

Just thought i'd share this as its a great tip and is a cheap alternative to the quite expensive foiled sheets you can buy :)

This is what you need

Tin foil
Thick Card (old packaging works a treat)
PVA-good quality (Modge Podge or a thick one)
Acrylic Paint
Brush or sponges


Take your desired size of card (A5 is what I’ve used)
Rip a piece of foil a little bit bigger and scrumple it up and lay it flat again

PVA your card and press the foil down firmly you could use an acrylic block or your brayer
LETS IT DRY OFF (about 5 to 10 mins) you can speed it up with heat tool but it gets hot !!!!! I just do another while I’m waiting. The reason i say this is if you’ve been a bit generous with the glue it will burst through the foil it doesn’t ruin your project but it makes a hell of a mess of your folders !!

Cut it to size and bung it through your machine with your chosen embossing folder

Swoosh paint all over it then take a damp bit of kitchen roll and wipe off the excess.

Let it dry and your done cheap and easy and rather messy ha ha
For a more distressed look you could gently sand the surface too.

Try different folders and use the emboss and deboss sides for different results, try you alcohol pens and inks instead of the paint ........ you can get some fabby results :)

Enjoy xx Kath xx