Friday, 19 October 2012

Flower Tutorial - Material

Hi Peeps
A few of you have asked how I did them...... so here goes......... my first tutorial on a quick but pretty material flower, I will do a couple of others over the next few weeks so keep your eyes open.

I've done the easiest to do first I think ...... I'll do another next week showing a bit more fiddly one ha ha


Here's what you need ...... I tend to use cheap as chips lining material but you can use any you have, just bear in mind thicker fabrics wont look as floaty. Needle and thread .....I use invisible thread but any will do and a couple of beads or a button or brad.

Take a strip of material approx 5 inches wide and 25 inches long (these sizes are up to you.. mine are just for a guide,  what your looking for are oblong shapes)

I've folded it into 4 layers but you could do as many as you wish. Pin through your layers to make it easy to cut out.

Cut out your oblong shape, and round the corners, I put a little wave in the end but you can just round it, its up to you ...... you roughly want a shape 3 x 4 inches, I prefer the shabby look so im not too neat ha ha

Next Take each layer and sew a running stitch through the center....... pull it tight and knot it off repeat with each of your pieces.

Layer up your 'petal' shapes and stitch through the middle a few times to hold them in place
Add a few beads or a button

 And Tah Dah you have a pretty flower,
Experiment with diffent sizes more layers etc add buttons or brad ?? anything you like.
I sew a circle of felt on the back for strength but a small piece of card works if you need it, it saves glue staining your petals or a base for attatching to hair bands or clips xx
Have fun
Be good
Kath xx


  1. Kath, what a fab tutorial, thank you so much xxx

  2. Thank you for that tutorial, Kath. Must try that. Wendy. xx

  3. Great tutorial - thanks for sharing,

  4. Wow wow they look fab xxxxxxxxxxx Thank you for sharing xxxx

  5. Thank you ever so much Kath I will definitely be having a go of doing these. A great tutorial and really easy to follow.

    Linda xxx

  6. wow thank you Kath you are amazing and the flowers are fabulous thank you so much for sharing xxx

  7. these are adorable, thanks for the instructions!

    enjoy *~*

  8. Thank you so much for the tutorial, off to find some material!! xx

  9. Lovely flowers Kath, thanks for the tutorial x

  10. Fabulous Flowers Kath and a great tutorial! TFS xx

  11. Thank you for your lovely comment on my card on the SplodgeAway Blog, I love this flower, think I will have a go. Sam


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