Friday, 21 September 2012

Blog tip of the day ........

Hi Peeps

Hands up who gets fed up because their Blog Header is off center ?

Well try this nifty trick ........

Go to your blogger dashboard and click  'template' on the left hand side then click the big orange button 'customise' under your blog thumbnail

Once it's opened you will notice a list on left, click on 'advanced'. You should now have a list saying Page text - headings - etc scroll down and click add CSS

You should now see this page.......

In to the text box, copy and paste this text below  (make sure you copy it all)

.header-outer {

You may need to adjust the “90″ value, depending on how large your header is, and how wide your blog is, so just alter the number until it looks central.  (smaller numbers will move your header to the left, and larger numbers will move your header to the right)
Save settings and Ta Dah your header is central 
Hope you've found this useful, keep popping back for random but helpful tips.
Kath xx

Friday, 14 September 2012


Hi everyone keep your eyes peeled for demos tips and tutorials :)