Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Linking to challenges and other sites

Hi Peeps

Its been noted within a few Challenge Blogs that a few peeps are having probs with linking to the correct web page showing their entry and also adding a link to their posts, so I've knocked up this quick tutorial to help.

Its such a shame when your work is disqualified because of an incorrect link and as DTM's will all tell you sometimes we dont have the time to nip back and keep checking you have corrected the links, after we have left a kind word pointing it out and I would hate for peeps not to get a helping hand when they may not even realise they have to do it to be a qualifying here goes I hope you find it useful.

To link your correct page to a challenge linky

Open your blog as normal and click on the post title you have posted your entry in

Once it has re-opened you will notice the 'address' in the top bar has changed and now includes your post title
 .......this is the address you use to link in a challenge, when you add this to the challenge blog linky it will direct the DT directly to your actual entry and not your whole blog

To add a link in your post to a challenge blog (or any other info you wish to share)

When entering a challenge or sharing info on your blog you can either cut and paste the 'address' into your post as you are writing it or you can use the link tool

Open the challenge blog or web page you wish to link to and simply copy and paste into your post

It will look like this and will take you to the challenge blog when clicked

Or you can use the link tool to alter the text shown like this HAPPY CAMPERS just paste the copied address into the 'web address' box and type your text in to the 'text to display' box

It will still take you to the Challenge blog when clicked

You can use either of these methods to share info or post links etc

I really hope this has helped some of you and good luck with challenges xx

Keep your eyes open for further demos and tips in the future

Have a Ab Fabby Christmas and a very Crafty New year

Best wishes and Crafty Hugs

Kath and the Girls at Happy Campers xx

Thursday, 8 November 2012

Tin Foil Backgrounds

Hi Peeps

Just thought i'd share this as its a great tip and is a cheap alternative to the quite expensive foiled sheets you can buy :)

This is what you need

Tin foil
Thick Card (old packaging works a treat)
PVA-good quality (Modge Podge or a thick one)
Acrylic Paint
Brush or sponges


Take your desired size of card (A5 is what I’ve used)
Rip a piece of foil a little bit bigger and scrumple it up and lay it flat again

PVA your card and press the foil down firmly you could use an acrylic block or your brayer
LETS IT DRY OFF (about 5 to 10 mins) you can speed it up with heat tool but it gets hot !!!!! I just do another while I’m waiting. The reason i say this is if you’ve been a bit generous with the glue it will burst through the foil it doesn’t ruin your project but it makes a hell of a mess of your folders !!

Cut it to size and bung it through your machine with your chosen embossing folder

Swoosh paint all over it then take a damp bit of kitchen roll and wipe off the excess.

Let it dry and your done cheap and easy and rather messy ha ha
For a more distressed look you could gently sand the surface too.

Try different folders and use the emboss and deboss sides for different results, try you alcohol pens and inks instead of the paint ........ you can get some fabby results :)

Enjoy xx Kath xx

Friday, 19 October 2012

Flower Tutorial - Material

Hi Peeps
A few of you have asked how I did them...... so here goes......... my first tutorial on a quick but pretty material flower, I will do a couple of others over the next few weeks so keep your eyes open.

I've done the easiest to do first I think ...... I'll do another next week showing a bit more fiddly one ha ha


Here's what you need ...... I tend to use cheap as chips lining material but you can use any you have, just bear in mind thicker fabrics wont look as floaty. Needle and thread .....I use invisible thread but any will do and a couple of beads or a button or brad.

Take a strip of material approx 5 inches wide and 25 inches long (these sizes are up to you.. mine are just for a guide,  what your looking for are oblong shapes)

I've folded it into 4 layers but you could do as many as you wish. Pin through your layers to make it easy to cut out.

Cut out your oblong shape, and round the corners, I put a little wave in the end but you can just round it, its up to you ...... you roughly want a shape 3 x 4 inches, I prefer the shabby look so im not too neat ha ha

Next Take each layer and sew a running stitch through the center....... pull it tight and knot it off repeat with each of your pieces.

Layer up your 'petal' shapes and stitch through the middle a few times to hold them in place
Add a few beads or a button

 And Tah Dah you have a pretty flower,
Experiment with diffent sizes more layers etc add buttons or brad ?? anything you like.
I sew a circle of felt on the back for strength but a small piece of card works if you need it, it saves glue staining your petals or a base for attatching to hair bands or clips xx
Have fun
Be good
Kath xx

Friday, 21 September 2012

Blog tip of the day ........

Hi Peeps

Hands up who gets fed up because their Blog Header is off center ?

Well try this nifty trick ........

Go to your blogger dashboard and click  'template' on the left hand side then click the big orange button 'customise' under your blog thumbnail

Once it's opened you will notice a list on left, click on 'advanced'. You should now have a list saying Page text - headings - etc scroll down and click add CSS

You should now see this page.......

In to the text box, copy and paste this text below  (make sure you copy it all)

.header-outer {

You may need to adjust the “90″ value, depending on how large your header is, and how wide your blog is, so just alter the number until it looks central.  (smaller numbers will move your header to the left, and larger numbers will move your header to the right)
Save settings and Ta Dah your header is central 
Hope you've found this useful, keep popping back for random but helpful tips.
Kath xx

Friday, 14 September 2012


Hi everyone keep your eyes peeled for demos tips and tutorials :)